Nanaimo North Town Centre - Canadian Tire Site Construction

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Nanaimo North Town Centre – Canadian Tire Site Construction

In July of 2012, Windley Contracting Ltd. was awarded the contract to construct the lot expansion of the Nanaimo North Town Centre for the future location of the new Canadian Tire building. The project entailed site preparation, site excavation, retaining walls, structural fill, and erosion and sediment control.

The project was an architectural milestone for Windley Contracting Ltd. as the Keystone retaining wall that was constructed around the outside perimeter of the site is now currently the largest concrete block wall on Vancouver Island and is over 30,000 square feet.

As well as constructing the retaining wall, Windley Contracting Ltd. also excavated and placed nearly 50,000 cubic meters of native material and capped the new site with approximately 5,000 tons of import gravel. The retaining wall was constructed from Keystone blocks and the surface of which is protected with the latest anti-graffiti coating products. The entire project was completed within only three months which complied with the owner’s strict deadlines.

This project required labourious commitment and extensively detailed craftsmanship which could not have been completed without the exemplary efforts of the men and women who worked on the project, not only including the Windley Contracting  Ltd. staff and onsite employees, but also the associates and representatives from Newcastle Engineering Ltd., Lewkowich Engineering Associates Ltd., Island West Paving Stone, and Shape Properties Corp.